The Power of a Strong Social Media Strategy

Since the dawn of the internet, the world has become a much smaller place, such that we are able to communicate across the global village with ease and reach audiences that would have been far outside our sphere of influence before. Among the many tools in an Investor Relations toolbox, social media is increasingly becoming an essential element of audience reach and engagement. Recent studies have shown that approximately seven out of every ten North Americans are active on social media1; connecting with one another, engaging with news content, sharing information, and following their preferred brands. Though the genesis of this online networking craze primarily attracted teenagers and young adults, who remain among the most active participants, recent years have seen an incredible increase in social media use, to the point that statistics are now much more representative of the overall population. With this knowledge, having a social media presence is an undeniably valuable element of any marketing or outreach campaign


Used correctly, social media offers a fast, inexpensive and effective method for companies to:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Grow Your Audience Base
  • Demonstrate Your Expertise in the Sector
  • Boost Sales
  • Promote Content
  • Engage with Customers and Investors
  • Learn More About Your Target Audience
  • Keep an Eye on Your Competition
  • Actively Track Industry News
  • And So Much More…

Review and Adapt:

With the rise of ESG practices and an increasing desire for ‘humanized’ brands, social media is a convenient vehicle with which companies can relate to their investors and present themselves as responsible stewards. LinkedIn, for example, allows investors and followers to view the company as something more akin to a family or network, with active employees who are invested in the actions and growth of the company beyond just the financial statements that would previously have been shared.  This open-door concept promotes a sense of trust and emotional investment in addition to the monetary. People are more likely to get involved with and support businesses that they can believe in so demonstrating that the company is active, open to discussion and involved with the community will consistently do wonders for their reputation. If you’re a business looking to grow and expand your audience, we recommend that you consider the benefits of a strong social media strategy. Reach out to 5Q today and learn more about how we can help elevate your business with a social media strategy.



In today’s business world, a strategic approach to your corporate communications is essential. With each IR program we develop, you are connected with the right audience — one that resonates with your company’s brand and values.