Managing for Success

Albert Einstein is credited for saying that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Whether or not he’s actually responsible for the quote, the ideology behind the statement is sound in business – trying to solve a problem by using the same strategy that didn’t work before and expecting it to work this time is unrealistic at best.

More for less

What we see often in the marketplace is demand to receive “more for less”. Isn’t that what we all want? More value, more time, more productivity for a really low price. At first it can be relatively easy to demand more and spend less but over time, companies are subject to the law of diminishing returns. When companies fall into this trap they lose focus, their brand goes astray and they begin to lose out to competitors who may be more focused.

Anyone who works or has worked in a typical corporate environment has likely been requested to do more with less. This is particularly true for those in the oil and gas sector where performance is so closely tied to commodity prices, and during periods of volatility teams must deal with layoffs, higher internal frustrations and greater stress. As a result, businesses are forced to push for more productivity within their organizations, and employees are often expected to deliver as much or more with even fewer resources.

However, does “more” activity always bring the desired result? Not necessarily, as output then tends to focus on quantity over quality.

Higher quality with enhanced efficiency

Is it possible for public oil and gas companies to achieve their goals in a volatile market without breaking the bank? The answer is a resounding “Yes”. Thinking outside the box and identifying creative solutions ensures Einstein’s insanity definition is not at play. One such solution to continue achieving goals may be to work with an external organization that offers expertise, focus and flexibility (typically at a lower overall cost). By taking this approach, public companies can realize value from external support, advice and expertise, which supplements existing initiatives. This allows management teams to focus on execution of the corporate strategy while remaining connected with shareholders and other stakeholders – critical for those active in the capital markets.

Many underestimate the time and energy it takes to service the obligations inherent with being public. Boards and management teams need to strike a balance between effectively navigating the capital markets, ensuring continued legal and regulatory compliance as well as building and maintaining relationships with their key stakeholders.

As experienced capital markets consultants, the 5QIR team has the business intelligence complemented by a diverse wealth of industry knowledge; we have the ability to create trust and rapport on a personal level while providing a sound structure and methodology that facilitate strategic discussions. We are an excellent, high-quality and value-added replacement or supplement to a host of in-house resources, which can help companies stay the course of their goals and objectives while maintaining optimal efficiencies.

Our value proposition involves the full positioning of a company’s capital markets and corporate ‘branding’ in a highly efficient and effective manner. 5QIR provides a combination of benefits that we tailor specifically for each client dependent on their corporate strategy, objectives and available resources.