Disrupting traditional IR and communications advisory models.

5 Quarters Investor Relations (5Q) is an independent, Calgary-based consulting and advisory firm specializing in investor relations, capital markets engagement, and communications strategies. We deliver bespoke IR programs to both public and private clients that enhance their ability to effectively communicate with investors and key stakeholders.

We tailor solutions depending on each client’s needs and provide transparency around our services, deliverables and billing.


We build trust to develop lasting business relationships based on transparency and reliability


With a keen attention to detail, we strive to uphold the highest standard of quality in our deliverables


5Q embodies working with integrity and honesty across everything we do

5QIR offers a broad array of collective expertise to benefit our clients.

Our extensive financial communications and capital markets experience has been developed from a broad array of sectors, including oil & gas, clean tech, mining and energy services, to cutting-edge software, consumer packaged goods, financial services, architecture, engineering and design. We have earned the trust of numerous management teams, giving us the depth and breadth of experience to implement targeted communications strategies in almost any sector. 5Q’s expertise and network of contacts are not limited to one business focus, providing the flexibility to create meaningful value for any client.

Peace of mind is priceless.

What We Do

We deliver tailored programs that enhance our clients’ ability to effectively communicate their message to investors and key stakeholders. Our approach is based on proven communication methods and a deep understanding of financial markets.

Strategic IR & Communication Programs

Effective two-way communication between your organization, shareholders and other stakeholders creates a richer impression of management, their integrity, vision, and leadership.

Managing Day-to-Day Investor Relations

5Q can support your ongoing corporate communications program and continuous disclosure requirements to free up management’s time and energy.

Market Engagement & Outreach

We can develop and implement market engagement and outreach programs for public and private companies, by identifying and targeting the right audience for your message.

Marketing & Design

5Q can ensure your message is professionally conveyed with appropriate visuals and supporting materials that take your company to the next level.

Social Media Strategies

Our team can help navigate the evolving world of social media to elevate your online presence. We can create and implement social media strategies that fit with a company’s current and future catalysts and goals.

Corporate Governance & Best Practices

We leverage our expertise in corporate oversight, policy, compliance and strategy to meet your governance needs and strengthen your company’s corporate profile.

ESG Reporting

With environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors gaining significant importance in the investment community, 5Q can help clients to develop and manage effective ESG disclosure and strategy.

What We Have Done

We have a proven track-record of success in our approach to investor relations.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to investor relations. We work closely with our clients to understand the company’s unique strategic vision and goals. Then we determine which tools will be the most effective in communicating the story.

Curious to see some examples?


5Q works with a wide variety of clients in diverse industries across North America, enabling both public and private clients to develop and articulate their strategy, fundamentals and value proposition in a language that resonates with the target audience, regardless of the industry focus.

At 5Q, we pride ourselves on transparent client engagement. We take the time to fully understand our clients’ needs before providing a tailored proposal and timelines for execution.

Our approach helps us deliver exceptional results for all of your IR and communications requirements.

The Fifth Quarter

Our blog, The Fifth Quarter, is dedicated to providing information on current trends and IR best practices. We’ll help you stay ahead of the game with insightful content created by the 5Q team.

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In today’s business world, a strategic approach to your corporate communications is essential. With each IR program we develop, you are connected with the right audience — one that resonates with your company’s brand and values.